Optimized Solutions

Having extensive experience in delivering high quality Enterprise Solutions to worldwide market, we are able to optimize solutions for our Customers in an elegant manner.

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Shifted to new office.


Roadmap for 2014 chartered


Annual founder meeting, recruitment plans, development center establishment


Simplified Approach

Our thought leadership, coupled with smart re-use of components helps us simplify most complex problems. Our work reflects our simplified thinking as well.

Production Level Prototype

Conceptually a break-through per se, it helps us reduce overall development time by about 30%. It is no magic, but a carefully applied set of Engineering Principles that aims at a continuously evolving and improving process of building solutions.

Risk Identification

Any level of Customer Engagement, be it small or large, has a defined level of risk. These are inevitable given the complexity of situations and changing needs, and therefore must be identified well in advance. It is not easy and can only be done with experience.

Enterprise Thinking

It takes years of focused effort and teamwork to think big and scale the software. It also infuses a change in mindset at all levels. We believe we have that differentiator.

Adherence to Standards

Agile has been in our blood for years now. It comes to us naturally after being part of some great organizations during our initial career. Add to that the power of 6-sigma and that gives us a definitive edge.

Fun @ Workplace!

It is culturally important for us to have fun during work. While we ensure that deliverables and timelines aren't affected even by a millimeter, we engage in some fun activities at the workplace. Sports, games, talent shows and more!